iMBA in Global Business Management (BBA + MBA) Program

Globalization has given new meaning and dimension to corporate India. Many Indian firms have slowly, but surely, embarked on the global path, leading to the emergence of Indian multinational companies. Indian industry has crossed domestic frontiers and established a credible presence in markets abroad in a very short time.

Why Global Business Management Profile is most in Demand

  • Indian-origin CEOs leading top-notch companies across the world. Indian industry has crossed domestic frontiers and established a credible presence in markets abroad.
  • There are 3,291 foreign companies that are active out of the 5,068 such companies registered in the country.
  • Top countries which are making big in India: US, Japan UAE, Germany, France. FDI for 2021-22 is around $84.84 billion ( it is 200% growth from 2014-15.
  • India has recently become a major global hub for FDIs. India is among the top three global FDI destinations. about 80% of the global respondents had plans to invest in India.

The evolution of the Indian multinational spans diverse sectors, from pharmaceuticals to automotive to hotels to textiles to engineering goods and entertainment. With each passing day, Indian businesses are acquiring companies abroad, becoming world-popular suppliers and are recruiting talent cutting across national boundaries.

Development in the international marketing on the one hand and the consequential impact of the same on India’s domestic market on the other, call for a professional approach and sensitivity to international business environment. The 5 Yrs. Integrated (BBA + MBA) program with specialization in Global Business Management is a foundational course for developing a competent cadre of business executives to meet the country’s growing requirements for training personnel in the field of international business management. The Programme aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating all the important areas and disciplines relevant to international business activities.

5 Yrs. Integrated (BBA + MBA) program with specialization in Global Business Management program provides the ability to navigate the global marketplace with an understanding of doing business in other countries. Businesses need professionals who can act on the increasing connectedness of global markets, business practices, resources, and information. Our program is designed to provide skills to cultivate a successful career in international business in Canada, Australia, USA, UK and worldwide.

5 Yrs. Integrated (BBA + MBA) program with specialization in Global Business Management is an integrated degree of 5 years which deals with commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, transportation, etc.) which occur between two or more countries or nations. It includes both theoretical as well as practical studies so as to train the students as per the domestic markets and businesses on a global level or platform. This is among the most chosen courses that can be chosen by the students of any stream. It may also be considered as a part of Foreign Trade which indulges itself in exchange of capital, goods, services across international borders and territories.

This program includes various areas of study including trade finance, forex risk management, foreign trade policy, foreign languages, import – export management, Certain issues such as global relations, business methodologies, multicultural concerns fall within the land of Global Business Management.

The 5 Yrs. Integrated (BBA + MBA) program with specialization in Global Business Management will equip you with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge you need to stay ahead. Transform yourself and become an impactful leader with enhanced skills in communication, change management, negotiation and more.

Career options for graduates in Global business management includes jobs in international trade, Supply chain management, Export and Import, International marketing and sales, entrepreneurship and global consulting, International Finance and Accounting and substantial businesses.

Your Path to an International Business Career

If you’re considering a career in international business, there are many opportunities to move forward in this exciting field. A degree in international business helps position you for multiple career paths, because it showcases your ability to work across cultures and understand the global economic impacts of doing business. These skills are highly coveted by enterprises that conduct business internationally.

  • Export Executives | Managers
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Development Executive | Manager
  • Marketing Executive | Manager
  • Finance Executive | Manager
  • Global Business Executive | Manager
  • Accounts Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Managers
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Operations Executive | Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Executive | Manager
  • Export-Import Coordinators

Important Aspects Of  The Program:

  • 17+ Specialized Modules in Global Business Management.
  • 15+ Core and Fundamentals modules of Finance, Operation, Marketing, Business and Human Resource.
  • 8+ Modules related to Environmental Skills – Communication skill, Writing Skill, Proposal writing and presentation, Negotiation and Persuading skill, Design thinking and innovation, Leadership management and conflict management along with international communication skill.
  • IT Skills: Business Management with MS Excel, ERP, Digital marketing, Business Intelligence tools, Business Analytics tools along with Cloud Data Centre management.
  • ERP Skills: It covers the details training of Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain management and financial accounting.