FinTech (IT in Finance)

Are you aspiring to become a FinTech-driven web application developer, artificial intelligence-based application developer, financial analyst, business analyst, technical analyst, investment banker, data scientist, stock trading analyst, or Blockchain developer in DeFi and DApp, or perhaps a quantitative analyst? Look no further than FinTech, offering multiple career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities for those with innovative solutions.

Our 5-year integrated program in Finance & Technologies (IT in Finance) is tailored to equip students with a versatile skill set blending traditional finance and accounting coursework with cutting-edge knowledge in FinTech and emerging technologies. Through comprehensive coursework covering FinTech-driven web application development, data-driven financial modeling, financial data mining, machine learning, and innovations in AI, Blockchain, and cloud computing, students emerge prepared for the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

This program prioritizes readiness for the digital disruption in finance, accounting, financial markets, and technology, underpinned by the principles of WEB 3.0. Emphasizing revolutionary technologies like Blockchain and Solidity, students gain insights into Blockchain architecture, crypto mining, Bitcoin, and its applications in modern financial services. By program completion, candidates possess a deep understanding of Blockchain technology, enabling them to develop systems for managing digital assets independently of traditional financial intermediaries. Prepare for a future at the forefront of finance and technology with our transformative 5-year integrated program.


  • FinTech – A Primer
  • Front End Designing – HTML5| Bootstrap | React.Js
  • Back End Development – PHP | Flask | Django
  • Database Design & Development – SQL | MySQL
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • FinTech with AI Tools – ChatGPT | Copilot
  • Data Driven Analytics using Python
  • Digital Banking & Payment Tech
  • FinTech – Information Security
  • Investment Banking
  • FinTech in Financial Services – Cloud Platform
  • Data Visualization – PowerBI | Tableau
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Cloud based FinTech Solutions
  • Financial Technical Analysis – Candle Stick Chart | Index analysis
  • Derivative Strategies ( Future & Option Trading)
  • Blockchain – Crypto currencies – Ethereum
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance | Share Market | Banking
  • Robotics Process Automation in FinTech | Banking

Boosting your profile with a Standout Project

  • Build Ecommerce website Design like Amazon
  • DigitalWallet Pro – Next-Gen Financial Companion ( Like PayTM)
  • WealthGuard ChatBot: Smart Banking Solutions
  • StockSim Pro: Virtual Stock Market & SIP Wizard
  • CreditGuard: Score Manager & Risk Mitigation Application
  • TradeMaster Pro: Empowering Investors Like Never Before ( Like Angel One)
  • RoboAdvisor Prime: Financial Guidance & Quiz Arena
  • BudgetBuddy: ChatBot for Smart Budgeting & Expense Tracking
  • CurrencyPulse: Real-Time Currency Conversion Hub