Data Science & Analytics

A program that combines Full Stack Development with Artificial Intelligence to create Smart Applications focused on finding useful insights and enabling informed decisions.

Now these days every businesses and personal requirements needs move to smarter analytics. Now every decision either it is personal or businesses are based on prediction and act through real time data analysis , our senses and respond can be fail some time but prediction based on the data never lies and fail. You can rule the businesses and company if you have data analytics sense.

This 5 Years integrated program is the best and worldwide unique combination of essential elements of Web site design , Web application Development , Manage and Analyse the data generated through Web Application , Reporting and Visualizing the Data from various source , Predicting and prescribing the based on analytical data  along with Data Analytics integration with ERP.


  • Computer Fundamentals and Emerging Technology
  • Trends in Artificial Intelligence – ChatGPT | Copilot
  • Front End Designing – HTML5-CSS-JS|Angular | React.Js
  • Back End Development – Java | NodeJS
  • Database Design & Development – SQL | MongoDB
  • Big Data Hadoop- Ecosystem
  • Hadoop Programming & Analytics tools
  • Data Analytics Programming Language – Python & R
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Analytics- Agile & Scrum
  • Visual Insight of Data – Exploring Data Graphically
  • Big Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud based Data Science Applications
  • Deep Learning
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • NLP

Boosting your profile with a Standout Project

Embark on real-world projects that set you apart in the competitive landscape:

  • Design UI Facebook Clone (SocialSphere: Crafting a Facebook Fusion )
  • Build Ecommerce website Design like Amazon (Market Master: Unleashing the E-commerce Odyssey )
  • Building Social Media platform Design like Instagram (InstaCraft: Pioneering the Next-Gen Social Experience )
  • Real-Time Personalized Music Recommendations (like Spotify)
  • Real-Time Social Media Sentiment Analysis (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Live Cyberattack Detection and Prevention (like McAfee)
  • Personalized Product Recommendations in E-commerce (like Amazon)
  • Real-Time Traffic Prediction and Navigation (like Uber)